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GAIA Global Day of Action

9 Nov

I would like to give a big thank you to everybody who supported the Global Day of Action against Incineration and for Alternatives. There were a number of us picketing and lobbying at County Hall, and it got quite fiesty at times. We know one thing for certain, The Leader and the Portfolio Holder are not going to listen even if they could save £20 million a year to spend preventing service cuts. I would also like to thank those who stopped and engaged with me on Lemon Quay despite the inclement weather.

We also had a good crowd at Kingsley Village to see the Jeremy Irons film trashed, including some Cornwall Councillors. Perhaps those Councillors who refused our invitation might like to see the same film at Truro Cathedral this Friday which might not only help their souls, but also their PR ratings.

Meanwhile, the Health Protection Agency has stated that despite their position that “Incinerators are not a significant risk to public health”. they are funding a study by Imperial College and Kings College London, into links between Incinerators and health issues including infant deaths. Obviosuly the data will be collected from existing Incinerators, but are unlikely to include the one on the Isles of Scilly because they are only going to consider “Areas with good data on congenital anomalies (that) are those with a high quality register”, which doesn’t include Cornwall.
Incidentally the IoS Incinerator was found to emit 65 time the permitted amount of poisonous toxic dioxins, despite only being tested once every six months on days when the operators had been forewarned that a test would take place.

You may not be surprised to hear that a Freedom of Information request to Cornwall Council has revealed that the Council will not do a background check on the health of people in the St. Dennis area before the Incinerator is built and they will not be monitoring the health of people in the area once it is operational (if they can find anything to burn in it!). They do however inform us that they have a”Duty of Care to all residents of Cornwall”. It is difficult to make the noise of a raspberry in print!