Way down to Lamorna

23 Jul

As a part of the activities I have used to keep my mind and body active since retirement, I often go off to celebrate the Arts and Literature. My wife and I regularly visit Stratford on Avon and try to see most of the plays in reparatory for the season. This year we went to the Hay-on Wye Literary Festival and nearer to home we go to the du Maurier Festival. Last year we went to the Penzance Literary Festival, and liked it so much we went again this year.

You may have heard of the recent film “Summer in February” about A.J. Mullins and the group of painters around Lamorna just before the First World War. This years Penzance Literary Festival was lucky to persuade both the writer/screenwriter of the film Jonathon Smith, and later the Director of the film, Pippa Cross, to talk about their work. They were some of the best talks I have ever heard, giving you the real nitty-gritty without talking down to the audience. Well done to Peter Levin who organised the festival.

The final “bash” of the festival was a great treat. First a sing-song down in the Acorn Bar lead by Hilary Coleman and some of her singing group, including all the old favourites songs such as The White Rose, and Cornish Lads by Roger Bryant. I felt very emotional, and it wasn’t the beer! However by the time Hilary’s brother Will Coleman joined in with My Grandfathers Clock/ Old time Religion, the tears were tears of laughter. That man is a genius! Then as the evening progressed we had stories from Liz Harman, Pauline Sheppard and Anna Maria Murphy. If you get a chance ask Anna Maria to tell you what happens if you buy a basket off the Orchard Girls!

If you missed this event remember to book early next year.


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