What don’t they understand about the word WRONG?

10 Jun

As you may know. Cornwall Council seem determined to push ahead with a 240,000 tonnes per year mass burn incinerator at St. Dennis. The idea originated many years ago, and the contract was finally signed in 2006, and the planning permission was applied for in 2008. The final act of the Liberal Administration before the Old County Council became a Unitary Authority, was to refuse permission.

After a lengthy Public Inquiry and several High Court Actions, the new Tory/Independent Authority, changed their minds and went ahead with the scheme. At the last election in May, there was much talk of a new Council seeing things differently, and now the Coalition is Independent/Liberal Democrat in make up. However, there seems to be no change in attitude.

In the meantime, the biggest waste consultancy in Europe, Eunomia, has issued a report commissioned by a local group called Cornwall Waste Forum. This report has carried out analysis on all the figures and says that the Waste Contract is outdated, not value for money and not fit for purpose. The Local Government Association has also published a Waste Review. This indicates that the most sensible way for Local Authorities to deal with waste is by minimization followed by Sort/Recycle/Anaerobic Digestion. They explain that the value obtained from recycling will pay for the collection and treatment of the biodegradable fraction. The money saved will be equivalent to £20 million per year at a time when the Council says they will have to cut front line services because there is no money.

Then to cap it all, this week Janis Potcnik the EU Commissioner for waste, has announced new recommendations to follow on from the Resource Efficient Europe Platform. This will mean the review of three waste directives with the effect that recycling will have to reach 50% by 2020 and that no material which could be recycled or composted/digested shall be burned or landfill. Now he has added that the changes will also apply to Commercial and Industrial waste by the same date. The point here is that Cornwall Council have said all along that any shortfall in household waste will be supplied by business waste.The Council are showing no interest in changing their minds. It is very difficult to reason with them when all you have got to talk to is an Ostriches bum sticking up in the air.


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